VIDEOS  (calming health oriented)        (ph:  303-202-6143 x 1)

We now have a series of special Mindful Health Nature videos available.

Series 1 videos are developed primarily for waiting rooms (psychologist, lawyer, mediator, counselor, hospital E.R., doctor, chiropractor, etc.) or quiet areas like coffee shops or restaurants.   They are not still scenes, and are not action packed or very fast moving.  They are slow moving scenes and sounds of nature with water, birds, and/or animals in some of them.   Some of the scenes include mildly surprising views or actions.  They are designed to help a person’s Central Nervous System calm down from the stresses of life and be more open, cooperative, and in the present moment.

>  There is increasing research demonstrating that sights and sounds of nature are calming and healing.  Japanese health practitioners are regularly prescribing Forest Bathing for anxious or stressed people.

A 2018 video is of “Hawai’i, Many Faces of the Big Island,” taken in the last of June 2018, just before Hurricane Lane hit.

Sunrise, Hawaiian palm trees on a cliff

Also, we have videos of Southern California and of San Diego County in 2018.  For a short demo, go to:

We have a video of “Summer in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado” and one of “New Mexico: Traveling Along the Rio Grande”.

Colorado Sunset

One of our more recent videos is of “Sunsets: from Colorado to Hawai’i”.

The cost of each of the above videos is a one time charge of $45, (plus tax & shipping) unless you need it loaded on a USB (the recording media costs extra).  Current paying clients can secure one for no cost.

If you would like your own company name and slogan inserted into a video, it is an additional $60.

Note:  The picture at the top of this page is taken from the Sunset video.

Bottom line:  The videos, displayed on the flat screen in a Wait Area, can be changed on different days, or each week, so people are not bored.  They are designed to help people be calm, in-the-moment, and truly present, for whatever interaction is to happen.   Their major brainwave patterns will likely be helped to calm down from Beta to Alpha wavelengths (to a more creative and receptive state).

As a Sleep Aid:

We have three sleep-oriented videos:  One is a video of waves on a California rocky beach that can play indefinitely to help people fall asleep to the gentle sight & sound of surf, sand, & rocks.

We have a video that is a continuously looping, calming sequence of Clear Creek in Jefferson County, Colorado.

Our third Sleep-oriented video is “Candle for Sleep”.

The cost of each of these three videos is a one time charge of $39 (plus shipping & tax).  They are normally supplied on a DVD.

As a tool for Meditation/Mindfulness:

Some people might want to use the videos on low volume to help them have a gentle focus on nature and meditate or practice a mindful exercise.

For more information, a demonstration, or to order videos, call 303-202-6143 x1, or email, and leave your information or request. 

Total cost for a video would be the $39 or $45 on a DVD  (plus $14 for a USB Flash drive, if needed), plus nominal postage/shipping, and tax.