Trauma, Loss

Trauma, Loss

Life is not easy for most everyone – at least at certain times.  There are times in almost everyone’s life when things seem hopeless, when we lose our perspective, lose our purpose, and life does not seem valuable, or even possible.  We may lose our best friend, lose our spouse, lose our belief that this is a safe world, or lose a part of our own human body.  In this complicated world, we can be traumatized by so many things.

Through my life journey, I have witnessed and experienced loss.  Thankfully, I have been fortunate to have people around who could help, and have learned from experienced survivors, psychologists, and professors, that there are various things we can do to move from hopelessness, to surviving, to thriving.   I have been helping people on this journey for many years.  Do you need an idea of what to do,  do you need to heal?  Keep searching until you find the person or persons to guide you in the right direction.   There is hope, there is a way to have a better life – I no longer have any doubt.

For some general information and resources, even crisis resources, you may want to check out (a company devoted to help people, the field of mental health, and the health of people on this continent).

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