Trauma and Loss

trauma-and-loss Victimization & Healing
There are ways to heal, grow and move on!
T J Price, PsyD


It can be devastating and feel almost impossible to go on when we have been hurt or traumatized.   Trauma is often burned into our Central Nervous System and feel like it is an unshakable part of us, changing us at the core.  Sometimes we need to pause and reflect on our experience.  At some point, it is healthy to heal, learn and move on – through and beyond the memories.  I work to help people move from Victim, through Survivor, to Thriver.  A past event need not define us!

I have been working with children and adults dealing with terrible experiences, for many years.  I am confident there are ways that someone can help if you feel stuck or unable to grow beyond the past and the pain.

People often end up feeling responsible or guilty for their own traumatization, when it is not appropriate and does not have to be.  Others find themselves stuck in anger or in a “victim role”.  Being a victim need only be a temporary state.

We work with many people individually.

The following group will be started when we have enough interested people:

Secondary Victims Group

A group designed to help adults who have had a family member or significant other hurt in abuse, assault or tragic accident.

Abuse or trauma of a close friend or family member can have a HUGE impact on everyone around.  Has a Trauma or Assault, which hurt someone you care about, also turned Your Life upside down?

Sometimes people experience horrendous events.

Even those who were not the “Target” or “Victim” deserve:

  • Guidance to understand the impact of the trauma on their own lives.
  • Tools to deal with their relationships, emotional reactions and stress.
  • Support from others who understand and have had similar experiences.

When you are with your close friend or family member who has been hurt, do you:

  • Feel that you have to fix it?
  • Feel as though they treat you as if you are the problem?
  • Find it difficult to ask for what you, yourself, need?
  • Wonder how best to help?
  • Feel out of control?
  • Find yourself getting more isolated?

You are not the only one!

Please call for an initial appointment to discuss your participation in our Secondary Victim group experience.