Therapeutic Work with Professionals

Therapeutic Work with Professionals                        303-202-6143

Dr. Roberts and I have been working in this field for many years and have developed several specialties and many skills. I find working with people who have had a negative experience with therapy, who don’t think psychology can be effective, and/or with professionals in the field, very challenging and exhilarating. I know there is always a better way to do things, and while I keep research and evidence-based approaches in my considerations, I find that what works for most people in research does not always help the individual who decides to trust and work with me. I strive to incorporate each person’s culture, history, beliefs, capabilities, and strengths into my work. I have successfully helped graduate students, artists, counselors, attorneys, accountants, psychiatrists, owners of companies, police officers, firefighters, US Marshals, medical doctors, and nurses deal with difficult issues and heal so they could live a better life.

If you are a professional, or tried therapy before, but are in doubt that therapeutic work could help you, give me a call. Let’s deal with that “impossible” stumbling block and get you back to full, effective performance, or restore you to your more positive outlook and life.

“Impossible” is an opinion.  If you don’t believe that, give me a call.


Tj Price, PsyD