Supervision of Mental Health Professionals

Supervision of Mental Health Professionals

T J Price, PsyD
Licensed Psychologist
(Managing Member of M H A)

This page will probably be of most interest to people in a human services graduate program or who have a graduate degree in a social science and are striving to earn licensure in a field such as Psychology or as a Professional Counselor.

Since most people who will spend some time on this page will probably want to know my orientation, philosophy and approach, I will briefly address those issues.

  • I have experience and advanced training in Supervision of mental health professionals.
  • I have supervised over 70 clinicians in various mental health positions, with a variety of psychological orientations.
  • I strive to continually assess where people are and what is needed for growth and effectiveness. I basically work from a Cognitive/Behavioral Orientation, based on a Developmental underpinning, within an overall Experiential Constructivist Philosophy.
  • The average time period I supervise people is about a year and a quarter. In that time, I work to assist a person to develop more than technical skills. I strive to facilitate an upward qualitative developmental shift for the person choosing a career of healing. Successful guidance and healing of human beings requires much more than applying a set of techniques. There is an increasing awareness by people in the field that a specific set of skills is required to successfully supervise someone. Among those are attunement, empathy, experience, and ability to see multiple perspectives or levels of life.
  • My previous experience and training are diverse. People have indicated some of my strengths are: varied experience, coupling theoretical concepts with pragmatic actions, finding a way to “language” with people, finding and/or helping people find solutions to problems, helping people see their “dilemma”, helping people grow beyond victim-hood, healing, and expanding and/or changing views to clarify life situations.
  • If you would like to pursue the possibility of my supervising your work, please contact me. We will need to meet, assess needs and be fairly sure that the experience will be a very beneficial one for all parties involved. I do not believe in being a liability or cost. I strive for a supervision experience to be an investment with substantial identifiable benefits.

Charges are often less than my basic therapeutic hourly rate. Contact me to inquire.
(Other psychological services available through this office range from full Psychological Assessment to individual counseling.)

I believe that within most every problem is the beginning of, or foundation for, a solution.