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We have found that people, in general, do the best they can in life. However, in this complex society, things can get out of balance, or we “learn” to do things that are not always functional. We believe that with the right experience, people can very often regain the balance or learn a more functional way to live. We strive to keep in mind any genetic traits or predispositions and help you find the resources to excel.

T J Price, Psy D – Licensed Psychologist – earned his Doctor of Clinical Psychology Degree in 1993 from the University of Denver and started working with private practice clients in 1997.

dr-tj-priceHis experience includes working in a volunteer agency assisting fire and rescue personnel deal with trauma, a family medicine center, offender treatment facility, crisis center, and community mental health center. He has experience and training working with intact, as well as conflictual/warring families, individuals and groups, as well as providing assessments (See the Main Menu for more areas of experience).
He is a member of: American Psychological Association (APA), Colorado Association for Infant Mental Health, MindGAINS.


Shawna Roberts, Psy D   – Licensed Psychologist – earned her Doctor of Psychology degree from the University of Denver.

dr-shawna-priceShe provides comprehensive psychological services for the individual and family encompassing all ages, from newborn to adults. She understands how critical it is to build relationships with her clients based upon trust and respect. She completed her doctoral training through Denver Health Medical Center and Children’s Hospital. She completed a fellowship at the Univ. of Colorado Health Sciences Center focusing on child development and family struggles. She is committed to helping individuals heal the past, empower the present, and achieve a future that is meaningfully lived in accordance with their personal values.

Reine Evereteze, PsyD   (Licensed Psychologist)

Many problems arise from experiences associated with unexpected or overwhelming change and the strong emotions that accompany change. I thrive on actively collaborating with individuals to devise realistic strategies to overcome challenges, which prevent them from experiencing a more fulfilling and satisfying life. 

My primary therapeutic approach using Cognitive Behavioral techniques and mindful awareness work well to help identify and eliminate negative thoughts and transform the energy of negative emotions into positive actions. Together, we will work to support your personal values that give meaning to being present in your life.

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We also have Ashley Turbeville, PhD, and Katie Braley, PsyD working with us (this web site has not been completely updated about them).


The world will never be the same again. Rather than sit back and watch, I believe that by continually checking with ourselves and finding that special reason for living and striving, each of us can be a part of an exciting world we have not yet fully experienced.

Humans are dynamic, ever changing beings who have the capacity to build vibrant, meaningful and exciting lives.