Power of Psychology

Psychology is a relatively new field of science, but it has been increasing its research and knowledge base exponentially in recent decades.   I have heard, or read, from more than one scientist that the human brain is the most powerful concrete thing we can see, measure and study.  The brain can be very limiting and become our prison (it believes what it thinks), or it can be a resource for learning, growth, and an increasingly happy and effective life.

There are approaches that can help a person (any one of us) get out of ruts, grow, develop, flourish, and improve moods and his/her life.   A very important aspect of a human is the ability to connect, be in relationship, with other people.   What is very interesting is that the same brain structures that are needed to develop healthy relationships with others are the same structures that are required to have a deep, peaceful, healing relationship with oneself.  There are more than one approach to improve our relationships – including:  initially growing up in a loving, healthy family with consistent caregiving; healthy group interactions over time; developing caring/close personal friendships; therapeutic attachment work; mindfulness; and meditation.   We are, underneath all theories and efforts to be independent, basically social beings who thrive “in relationship”.

It is important for all of us to reflect from time to time and see how we are doing “in relationship” on a multitude of levels.