Play Attention


Many humans these days have trouble focusing on their tasks and maintaining attention over time. This can be due to a clinical condition such as Attention Deficit Disorder, or Anxiety, or it can be due to the environment someone finds them selves in (such as noisy, confusing cubicle set-ups). The PlayAttention system is a training program using neuro-feedback and a coach, that, when used properly, helps build new neural networks in a brain involved in attention, concentration and staying on task. It is a relatively new system that is showing very good results in studies, and in my practical applications.

I have used PlayAttention with young children and adults, and for those who stick with the program, we have seen significant improvement in the ability to:

  • pay attention,
  • maintain focus over time,
  • ignore distractions,
  • make fewer errors.
  • Improve performance.

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