Philosophy of Constructivism

For Human Healing, Growth and Meeting Our Potential

This web site is designed to be an investment in your better future.

Our goal is to help everyone understand more, and succeed or make progress toward their Potential.

This site is not to be primarily used for making a monetary profit. This page is to help connect ideas, people and be a component of a better life Construction.

A definition of Constructivism:

Human Beings as actively complex, socially embedded, and developmentally dynamic self- organizing systems.

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“Once we accept the reality we have helped create, we release/ access power to create something new.”

T J Price

Basic & Unique

We believe that everyone is so unique that it is impossible to fully know another person’s life or difficulties, but we strive to understand as well as we are able.

We also believe that by opening our minds, central nervous systems, and striving to meet another person in their “world”, we can, in an important way, “touch” and assist another person.

When a person finds him/herself struggling with an addiction, it severely hampers good health, effective functioning and true happiness. Addictions


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For Psychological Services in the Denver area:

T J Price, Psy D of Mindful Health Advantage, LLC

For Psychological Services in the Colorado Springs area:

Justin Lincoln, Licensed Psychologist

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For Information related to High-conflict Divorce:

Child-Parent Coalition: C.P.C.

Colorado Inter-Disciplinary Committee:


T J Price, in consultation and construction with others, has been involved in developing a series of therapeutic games/tools.

Because people can learn or heal using different approaches, we have used our creativity to construct some more fun or more “right brain” activities to assist people to travel the path they desire or require (from understanding to healing), thereby constructing a more functional life.

To view these therapeutic products, please click here: Therapeutic Games/Tools


T J Price, Psy D

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Justin Lincoln, Psy D

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Shawna Roberts, Psy D

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Tonya McFarland, Psy D

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The phrase “mental health” has a certain stigma attached for many people. Some of us are working to change this, because it is almost impossible to have a good life without good mental health.

A new, modern, personal therapeutic service network is being created, Gifts for Enhancing Life. For information about this new network service: click here: GEL
We Humans Have Tremendous Capacities for Growth!

A Constructivist Office Location:

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Quote for the month:

It often seems that people don’t know that they don’t know what they don’t know.

by T J Price