Funding and Payment Options

Payment options:

For Psychological Work:  Assessments and Treatment –
We believe people should invest, not waste, time and money on psychological services. We strive to be a wise investment, with measurable results.

The standard fee for working with T J Price, PsyD or Shawna Roberts is $145 per hour for Individual and Family Therapy.

Payment is expected at each session unless other arrangements are made.  I provide services for a fee.   Neither Shawna Roberts, nor I, are in-network with any insurance companies.

We both accept:
– Victim’s Compensation

We will assist you in billing your insurance company. We cannot guarantee any insurance company will fully cover services here.
Even if we are not “In-Network”, we can help you bill to get “out-of- network” benefits/reimbursement.  It is up to clients to ascertain what is covered by their specific policy.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card (credit and debit), most H.S.A. cards, money orders, cash, and personal checks. There is a $35 Fee for checks returned on closed accounts or for insufficient funds.

******   I offer a special Community Service Reward Discount to a maximum of two clients at a time. First priority is given to people who could not afford my full fee. This entails an initial discussion about the details of this program, and then when a client comes in with bonafide signed documentation that he/she has performed more than an hour of community service (either benefiting people or animals) since the last session here, I am willing to reduce the hourly rate by 50% (if payment is made at time of service). I offer this for a few reasons:

1. It demonstrates your commitment to making progress and the agreed upon treatment and treatment goals here.
2. It helps other people or animals in need in our area.
3. Research has shown that people who give of their time and effort to help others benefit themselves, in mood, health, and/or self-esteem.
4. I know of people who have volunteered or done an internship, which led to a satisfying career or avocation.
5. I find truth in the saying, “Nothing changes until something moves” and this helps some people move in a positive direction.

If it is determined that we are not the best professionals to help you, we have other professional associates and agencies we can refer you to. If financial resources are a problem, we will help you find agencies that might work with you at lower cost.