Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I set up an appointment?

At this time, the preferred method is to call 303-202-6143 and speak with one of us or leave a message.  You may also email your basic information to tj@nullDrtjprice.com and ask for an intake appointment.  Please note that the email is not checked as frequently as the voicemail and often telephone contact is needed before all necessary questions are answered.

Where is the office located?

Our suite of offices is located near Union Blvd., between West Cedar & West Bayaud Ave. in Lakewood, CO.

The exact address is:
12136 W. Bayaud Ave., Ste 140
Lakewood, CO  80228

The closest main intersection is West Cedar and Union Blvd.

Is there a No Show policy?

Yes, we request at least 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment.  You can be charged for the missed hour (without proper notification).  We may waive the charges if there is adequate documentation of a bona fide emergency or reason you could not have attended.

Do you see people for no fee or is there a Sliding Fee Scale?

When we have a doctoral student working with us, there is the possibility of a significantly reduced fee (working with that student).

Do you accept insurance?

We are not an in-network  provider for any insurance company.  We often bill for out-of-network benefits for clients.  Many insurance companies will pay a percentage of the fees to out-of-network providers.  More details are included at the Funding/ Payment link.  To be sure, you may contact your insurance provider and ask about the specifics of your policy.

Note:   I also accept Victim’s Compensation funding..