• Anxiety, Panic, and Phobia are related.
  • They are rooted in  fear.
  • They are not communicable diseases.
  • They are often signals of problem areas with which we need to deal.

People who experience extreme Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Phobia, or other anxiety related problems, sometimes become disabled due to the effects. However, disability does not have to result.

Anxiety, Panic and other fear related disorders are not diseases in the medical sense of the term. They are not caused by germs, viruses or other medical agents. They can, however, arise after, or be magnified by, a medical problem, such as: heart valve problems, glandular dysfunction, poor diet, blood pressure disregulation, or using foreign substances (drugs).

Before the Covid pandemic, it was found that over the course of a year, anxiety disorders afflict about one in six adults.  Anxiety related disorders have been found (in at least one study) to be the most prevalent and costly mental health difficulties.  Recent studies demonstrate that the restrictions during the pandemic have resulted in a higher rate of anxiety related difficulties for people in the U.S.

If you believe you have an anxiety related disorder and it has been interfering with an aspect of your life, do not believe you have to just accept it.  Please do not give up.  There are treatments for these disorders of living that research has demonstrated to be effective.

Often the first step is to get a complete physical examination so that medical or physiological problems are ruled out.  If you believe your life is adversely affected by anxiety related difficulties, please don’t give up or blame yourself, find a way to consult a professional trained in treating people with anxiety related disorders.

by T J Price, PsyD, a Team member of Mindful Health Advantage, LLC

Yes, we treat/assist children, teenagers and adults.

Revised 8-13-20, T J Price, Psy D