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Mindful Health Advantage is here to offer services aligned with your needs.  We offer a nonjudgmental space for you to step out of your past and co-create a better future that can bring happiness in your life.

When a person decides and commits to work toward a better future with me, we will clarify the struggles or roadblocks you face and diminish them, heal them, or use them as stepping stones to a future you value – and may not even be able to imagine, initially.

Dr. Roberts and Dr. Price are now using both Telehealth & in-person sessions.    We have found that some people do better with in-person sessions.

We have expanded our services to include Team Building experiences, Therapy in natural settings, and Mindfulness in Nature (could be known as Awareness in Wild Experiences).

We are not a large managed care corporation, or a solo practice, but an effective psychological team in Lakewood (Denver area), Colorado.  Mindful Health Advantage consists of Dr. Shawna Roberts and myself (we have skills in several specialties).   We also have two trusted psychologists working with us – as well as graduate students from time to time.  All staff are vaccinated and boosted.  


T J Price, PsyD – A partner in M.H.A.
Licensed Psychologist
Investing in and for your future  –
For a life you value


12136 W. Bayaud Ave., Ste 140
Lakewood, Colorado  80228
(in the west Denver area)

Telephone: 303-202-6143

Email: tj@nullDrTjPrice.com


We believe people should invest, not waste, time and money on psychological services. We strive to be a wise investment, whether counseling or deeper psychological work is needed.

Dr. Roberts and I use various approaches, depending on what a client or family needs, from Cognitive-Behavioral interventions to Experiential Play Therapy, from Biofeedback to EMDR, from EFT to therapeutic game-like activities, and from Individual to Relationship Therapy.  Between Dr. Roberts & myself, we have been trained and have skills to treat most all ages, from infants through older adults.

While a child may exhibit different signs/symptoms of struggles in life than adults, we find ways to “language” with him/her and provide psychological assistance.Best Psychologists in Lakewood


Best Psychologists in Lakewood



I also provide PlayAttention training and coaching (a neuro-feedback program that helps a person learn to develop focus, maintain better attention, ignore distractions, and complete tasks).

  •      To view some mental health articles I have written on Substack (no advertising), click on the link:   https://tjprice.substack.com

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Shawna Roberts, PsyD – A partner in M.H.A.

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Roberts earned her Doctor of Psychology degree from the University of Denver.

dr-shawna-priceShe provides comprehensive psychological services for the individual and family encompassing all ages, from newborn to adults. She understands how critical it is to build relationships with her clients based upon trust and respect. She completed her doctoral training through Denver Health Medical Center and Children’s Hospital. She completed a fellowship at the Univ. of Colorado Health Sciences Center focusing on child development and family struggles. She is committed to helping individuals heal the past, empower the present, and achieve a future that is meaningfully lived in accordance with their personal values.


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We know we don’t succeed unless you succeed.


  •      Nature is Healing:   There is an ever increasing number of research studies demonstrating the healing aspects of nature – both being present in, and viewing.   As human beings, when we forget, and no longer live in, natural rhythms, it usually results in dis-ease.  Remember, we came from. and are a part of, nature!
  •     Check out our videos directory for samples of nature videos we produce for waiting rooms and coffee shops and personal use; they help a person slow, calm down, and be more present (in an Apha brain wave state), so they are mentally ready for important appointments – or for relaxation and improved health.
  •     Personalized videos:   I make special videos for people by contract.  These can be of places you grew up, or of places you and loved ones frequented that you want to capture and remember after someone passes on.
  •     For Assistance with Sleep:    As well as in-person psychological and behavioral assistance with sleep, we also have three videos to help people relax and fall asleep.  They incorporate natural sounds and rhythms found to be relaxing and conducive for sleep.  Just click on the Videos link (left hand edge of page).
“Nature is alive and talking to us.  This is not a metaphor.”
Terence McKenna