Minds Changing Lives


T J Price, PsyD – A partner in M.H.A.
Licensed Psychologist

8015 West Alameda Ave., Ste 230
Lakewood, Colorado  80226
(in the west Denver area)

Telephone: 303-202-6143
Email: tj@nullDrTjPrice.com

For a life you value.

We are not a large managed care corporation, or a solo practice, but an effective psychological team in Lakewood (Denver area), CO. Mindful Health Advantage consists of Dr. Shawna Roberts and myself. ( We have skills in various specialties)

Investing in and for your future

We believe people should invest, not waste, time and money on psychological services. We strive to be a wise investment, whether counseling or deeper psychological work is needed.

We use various approaches, depending on what a client or family needs, from Cognitive-Behavioral interventions to Experiential Play Therapy, from Biofeedback to EMDR, from EFT to therapeutic game-like activities, and from Individual to Relationship Therapy. Between Dr. Roberts and I, we have been trained and have skills to treat most ages, from infants through older adults.

While a child may exhibit different signs/symptoms of struggles in life, there are ways to “language” with him or her and provide psychological assistance.


I also provide PlayAttention (a program that helps
a person learn to develop focus and maintain better attention).

We know we don’t succeed unless you do.